Currently Repaero specialise in the products featured below with both EASA and TCCA release.
We are constantly adding to our capability list so please check for any updates regularly.

Heat Detectors      
Heat Detectors   Fire Wires   ELTs   Pitot Heads
Fire Extinguishers   Standy Power Supplies   Accelerometers   Ni-Cad Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries   GCUs   Inverters   Power Supplies


Additionally, Repaero has the capacity to manufacture bespoke electrical test kits and tooling,
and has a 3D printer available for any plastic projects you may have.

If the quoted lead time is not acceptable, Allaero can supply an exchange at the cost of overhaul if stocks
are available. Repaero offers a 12 month warranty on Overhaul work, and six months on Repair work.

Repaero also provide no cost-to-date fees, and next day shipping until 1700 UTC.


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